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  • SafeBreach is a new offering from HPE Complete

Key Features

Comprehensive Breach and Attack Simulations

SafeBreach simulators for cloud, network, and host to support all possible enterprise environments.

Dashboard summarizing results of simulations along with historical trends.

Breach explorer providing complete visibility into cyber kill chain.

Ability to customize simulator role and simulated asset to address organizational compliance risk.

Integrated reports on risks across the kill chain - infiltration, lateral movement, exfiltration, and prioritization based on risk.

Remediation and Integration

SafeBreach has integrated threat intelligence feeds from FireEye and Visa Threat Intelligence.

Ability to send data to Security Information and Event Management Systems for further analysis by Security Analysts.

Integration with ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Jira to initiate blue team fixes.

Integration with automation and orchestration platforms like Phantom Cyber.

Schedule simulations reruns as necessary upon execution of fixes and the ability to export simulations results into Microsoft Excel.

Leading Security Research Support

SafeBreach's PlaybookTM is an in-depth library of thousands of real hacker breach methods simulating attacks like endpoint infection, brute force, covert exfiltration, ransomware, and more.

Research-as-service by SafeBreach Labs supporting unique attack simulations requested by customers.

Ability to categorize breach methods by techniques, attacker sophistication, and protocol.

Details provided for every breach method that can be exported to SIEMs and ticketing systems.

Transformation of threat intelligence indicators of compromise to breach methods.

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