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HPE 5 year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 Microsoft WS12 Standard Operating System Only Service



HPE 5 year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 Networking Group 175 License Service



HPE 5 year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 Networking Group 185 License Service



HPE 5 year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 VSR1004 Virtual RO Service



HPE 5y 4h 24x7 3PAR 7200c FPS PCA SVC



HPE 5y 4h 24x7 3PAR 7400c FPS PCA SVC



HPE 5y 4h 24x7 3PAR7440c/50c FPS PCA SVC



HPE 5 Year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 Aruba ClearPass NL OB 5K USR E‑LTU Service



HPE 5 Year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 Aruba ClearPass NL AC 10K CE E‑LTU Service



HPE 5 Year Proactive Care Advanced 24x7 CF FM 3xxx 32p 25GbE 5yr LTU Service


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Key Features

HPE Proactive Care Advanced can help you manage your infrastructure with features designed to:

Provide increased accountability and personalization through an assigned ASM, who will work with your IT team to share Hewlett Packard Enterprise best practices and specific technical advice relevant to your IT needs and projects

Provide faster incident resolution from specially trained, solution-oriented advanced resources who manage the case from start to finish

Provide a CEM assigned to severity 1 incidents to drive faster resolution and provide regular progress updates to keep you informed

Provide recommendations for firmware version and software patching on supported products to help prevent problems

Provide identification of risks and issues through regular device-based proactive scans that help ensure that configurations are consistent with HPE best practices

Provide access to technical advice and services from Hewlett Packard Enterprise specialists to augment your team with specific skills and capabilities

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