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What's New

  • Quickly identify network issues related to multi-cast provisioning in updated system logs.
  • Improved reliability of the multi-cast transfers with reduced wait time for failing nodes.
  • Reduce database traffic and improve blade discovery performance with minimized database collection.
  • Enable workload management tools to access power on and off status for one or more nodes with a new power management API.
  • Extended support for Gen10 systems included within the HPE SGI 8600 System.
  • Support for additional operating system versions: SUSE® Linux® Enterprise Server 12 SP3, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7.4, and CentOS 7.4.

Key Features

Reduce Downtime During Maintenance Periods

The HPE SGI Management Suite combines the discovery of nodes and multicast technology to significantly shorten the time required to complete bare-metal provisioning for the HPE SGI 8600 systems.

Multicast provisioning allows for nodes to be provisioned in parallel at speed.

Single provisioning at scale enables system administrators to provision the largest of systems without having to break up the cluster.

Includes an archive for multiple Linux operating system images that can be quickly accessed and provisioned on demand.

Enable Users to Run More Jobs Without Interruption

The HPE SGI Management Suite includes an array of features that assist in the collection of data related to overall system health, identifying changes that require action, and providing proactive solutions to specific problems.

Two monitoring methods can be enabled to help improve system uptime. HPE SGI Management Suite gathers health information from the system logs and alerts system administrators of issues that need attention. Remote Services monitors the system logs 24x7 and immediately sends alerts to HPE for action.

The Hardware Event Tracker tool receives and logs SNMP events from the IPMI management controller on the hardware system, and alerts system administrators of any critical items.

Optimize Power Efficiency and Confidently Operate Within Predefined Power Envelopes

The HPE SGI Management Suite includes power management tools for accurate measure and prediction of power usage for better capacity planning.

System administrators can cap power before data center limits are exceeded, and can ultimately help prevent servers from overheating.

Power can be limited on a per-node basis or at the job level.

Protect Against Memory Failures

HPE SGI Management Suite includes predictive failure analysis for memory, which continually analyzes logged memory status, identifies bad memory, and safely retires any bad memory containing failure.

All of this is done without any interruption or shutdown to the production system. The system administrator is notified of the bad memory so it can be replaced at the next scheduled service.

The MEMlog transient error filter enables fewer memory DIMMS to be designated with persistent failures requiring replacement.

Red Hat® is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
SUSE® is a registered trademark of SUSE.

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