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  • Scality Artesca: Co-designed Hewlett Packard Enterprise-Scality portfolio of S3-compatible fast object storage solutions.
  • Entry-points starting with just a single server and tens of terabytes with seamless scaling to clusters with petabyte capacity.
  • More platform choices and more performance with all-NVMe and all-QLC object storage.
  • Even more data durability, without added overhead, using dual-level erasure coding.

Önemli Özellikler

Webscale Architecture with Edge-to-Core S3 API

HPE Solutions for Scality feature webscale architecture, offering flexibility for fast and unified data access, and the ability to respond to changing business needs. Native S3 API provides enterprise-class operations for multi-tenancy user access and control.

Scality RING provides cloud storage on-premises with data capacity from terabytes to exabytes in a single name space. Multiple single- and geo-dispersed data configurations include erasure coding across sites. S3 API and file protocols provide connection to most business applications.

Scality Artesca features fully-containerized and customized for S3 access from cloud-native applications. Achieve easier entry-point with single node configurations and seamless scaling to petabyte-sized clusters. Provides even more data durability with dual-level erasure coding.

Fast Object Storage at the Edge

HPE Solutions for Scality use fast object storage with performance-based workloads, especially data-intensive or in-memory applications that are increasingly processing data outside the data center at the edge.

Reduce latency and increase throughput with more all-flash choices including economical QLC media and top-performance NVMe. With no lock-in to proprietary flash modules, the HPE solution supports standard server media options for the right capacity at excellent price points.

Scality Artesca: Easier entry-points help make object storage practical in smaller sizes, starting with as little as a single node and just tens of terabytes, available for all platforms.

Built-in Federated Data Management

HPE Solutions for Scality has integrated, federated data management to break down silos and enables data portability.

Automate tasks such as copy data management, archive/expire, and cloud bursting in native format. Metadata tags can be more easily customized and searched.

A graphical user interface provides a view of the health of the data service so that clients have uninterrupted access to data across infrastructures including network elements and storage servers.

Portfolio of Systems: Hybrid and All-NVMe

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has certified Scality solutions on these platforms: HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus with all-NVME, HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 with all-QLC, HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 with hybrid disk and NVMe acceleration, and HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10 with hybrid disk and NVMe acceleration.

Seamlessly scale from tens of terabytes to hundreds of petabytes with these highly customizable solutions for multiple platforms and media types.

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