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  • AI-driven early warning & cyber deception to minimize impact of attacks and enable rapid recovery. Surface zero-day threats so that you quarantine and recover clean backup data, avoiding reinfection.
  • Automated discovery and protection of sensitive data using machine learning (ML) to prevent exfiltration and maintain the strongest data security posture.
  • Resilience and low-RPO recoverability for mission critical workloads ensuring business continuity, delivered with HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery.
  • Automated reliable, frictionless & rapid recovery to any location, at cloud-scale, leveraging infrastructure-as-code with Commvault Cloud Cloudburst Recovery and Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery.
  • HPE Solutions with Commvault are purpose-built to protect, secure, defend, and recover customer data across hybrid workloads and environments, at a significant TCO.

Önemli Özellikler

The industry’s best security from the edge to the cloud

HPE Solutions with Commvault are built on secure industry-standard servers with Silicon Root of Trust, architected with zero-trust principles. The result is unmatched foundational security delivered on-premises or as-a-service through HPE GreenLake.

HPE Solutions with Commvault combine industry-leading technologies to ensure customer data is air-gapped, immutable, encrypted and always available, with powerful security capabilities to predict and proactively fight evolving cyber threats.

HPE Solutions with Commvault simplify how customers can secure and recover data across their hybrid cloud environment -- using a single interface and unified processes to break down silos and protect data spanning cloud, SaaS, and on-premises workloads.

Proactive Data Defense with the Power of AI

HPE Solutions with Commvault take, resilience beyond just traditional backups. Powered by AI, we deliver a layered defense that minimizes the impact of cyberattacks with early warning and cyber deception.

Through generative AI and machine learning, HPE Solutions with Commvault reduce risk for customers, providing early recognition of AI-generated ransomware attacks and identifying sensitive data that is exposed for potential exfiltration.

Rapid and comprehensive recovery to ensure business continuity

HPE Solutions with Commvault deliver industry-leading recovery with unparalleled scaling while reducing the overall TCO. This means customer’s data is always secure and available, wherever it lives, with powerful AI-driven automation to verify clean recovery.

HPE Solutions with Commvault offer low-RPO disaster recovery options delivered as a service via Zerto and HPE GreenLake to provide greater resilience for mission critical applications to reduce downtime and eliminate data loss.

With flexible, performance-optimized storage and the ability to seamlessly leverage cloud for air-gapped, immutable copies and burstable recovery scenarios, HPE Solutions with Commvault simplify and accelerate recovery at a fraction of the cost of competitive offerings.

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