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  • NVMe-accelerated 36 TB, 90 TB, 240 TB, 480 TB hybrid flash and archive nodes economically provide higher performance and higher capacity.
  • Security is enhanced with single software sign-on, multi-factor authentication, additional protocol security features, and FIPS 140-2 certified software encryption.
  • Workload and multi-use case capabilities are expanded with the addition of the NFS v4.1 protocol, an S3 API, and a CSI driver for container persistent storage.
  • All-inclusive Qumulo software subscriptions are further simplified with the consolidation of the previous Flash (F1) and Hybrid (H1) tiers into a new, attractively priced “Active” tier.

Önemli Özellikler

High-performance, Enterprise-proven Scale-out File Data Platform

Scale performance and capacity to billions of files with a file data platform that handles small files as efficiently as large ones. User files can occupy 100% of provisioned capacity without performance or management issues.

Sophisticated data protection techniques including efficient erasure coding that enables fast re-protect, replication, snapshots, and FIPS140-2 certified software encryption.

NTFS and POSIX permissions are automatically managed, effectively preserving ACL inheritance. Native SMB, NFS, S3 API, and FTP are optimized for enterprise-grade needs. Users can access the same data from any protocol.

An integrated CSI driver allow administrators to programmatically control and manage storage and data for their containerized workloads providing persistent file storage for Kubernetes environments.

Your Data Where You Want it, Scaling On-premises and in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Store your data anywhere and get multiple GB/s of performance for your workloads at the edge, in the datacenter, and in the cloud. You get scalable performance regardless of file sizes, number of files, buckets, objects, or total capacity.

Use the cloud when you need it. Access compute capability not available in your data center. With Qumulo SHIFT you can copy your data to native Amazon S3 to leverage applications, as well as AI and ML capabilities, hosted in the cloud.

Use the same file platform at the edge, in the datacenter, and in the cloud. Qumulo runs directly on AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Simple transferable subscriptions cover all features, updates, and performance enhancements.

Leverage continuous replication to make cloud a part of your business continuity strategy. Replication policies ensure data is where it's needed whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Eliminate Data Blindness with Real-time Visibility and Control of Your File Data

Instantly see usage, activity, and throughput at any level of the unified directory structure no matter how many files are in the file system – all via a cloud-based web GUI. Identify problem areas and hot spots to optimize resource utilization.

Leverage real-time visibility to set quotas in real-time. Directory-based capacity quotas give administrators instant control over storage allocation. They can be applied to any directory, even nested ones. Moving a directory with a quota is easy.

Automate everything if you choose. The REST API enables you to programmatically configure infrastructure, eliminate administrative tasks, and automate operations. Easily import the analytics data into monitoring applications.

Ultra-dense and Secure Purpose-Built Systems for Qumulo

HPE nodes for Qumulo are purpose-built using industry leading HPE Apollo 4200 and HPE ProLiant DL325 servers with architectures keenly optimized for Software-Defined Storage. Their unique design saves valuable data center resources.

All-NVMe nodes, built using 1U ultra-dense HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus servers, are ideal for the most performance demanding workloads.

Hybrid-NVMe nodes, built using 2U ultra-dense HPE Apollo 4200 servers, optimize performance and cost for general purpose and archive workloads.

Built-in security extends from silicon to software, factory to customer, with HPE Insight Lights Out 5.

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