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HPE Alletra Storage Server 4110 38TB E3S All-NVMe 100Gb TAA-compliant Node for Qumulo



HPE Alletra Storage Server 4110 153TB E3S All-NVMe 100Gb TAA-compliant Node for Qumulo



HPE Alletra Storage Server 4110 20EDSFF Configure-to-order Node for Qumulo




  • The HPE Alletra 4110 data storage server is a dense, 1U, all-NVMe system for file workloads, offering advanced features, security, a cloud experience, performance & capacity - at an affordable price.
  • Adaptive Data Protection optimizes data protection configurations as clusters grow, reclaiming storage with no user impact, resulting in better failure tolerance, storage utilization and TCO.
  • Transparent Platform Refresh allows customers to replace older nodes with newer hardware without disruption to end users’ workloads, and without requiring time-consuming and expensive migrations.
  • Integration of Qumulo software with the Varonis Security Data Platform and snapshot locking, enhances data security and protects data from being accidentally or maliciously deleted.
  • New advanced support processes, with cross-company electronic case exchange, improves customer response time, shortens repair time, and eliminates delays in resolution.

Önemli Özellikler

Scale Anywhere

Store your data anywhere - At the Edge, In the Datacenter and In the Cloud - and get up to 455 GB/s of performance for your file-based workloads on your cluster. Get scalable performance regardless of the number of files, buckets, objects, or total capacity.

With the advanced erasure coding intelligence, store billions of files with a system that handles small files as efficiently as large ones. User files can occupy 100% of provisioned capacity without performance or management issues.

HPE nodes for Qumulo clusters are built on all-NVMe 1U ultra-dense HPE Alletra 4110 data storage servers, for performance-demanding workloads, and on Hybrid-NVMe 2U ultra-dense HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus data storage servers (to balance cost & performance) for active and archive workloads.

Data protection techniques include erasure coding for fast re-protect, replication, snapshots, and FIPS140-2 encryption. Replication ensures data is where it's needed - on-prem or in the cloud. Built-in security extends ‘silicon to software, factory to cloud’, with HPE Integrated Lights Out 6.

Access Any Way

Native SMB, NFS, S3 API, and FTP are optimized for enterprise-grade needs. Users can access the same data from any protocol. NTFS and POSIX permissions are automatically managed, effectively preserving ACL inheritance.

Qumulo runs natively on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Leverage applications hosted in the cloud using Qumulo SHIFT to copy data to/from Amazon S3. Utilize storage for Kubernetes, using the Qumulo CSI driver to automatically provision persistent storage for K8s clusters.

Qumulo’s real-time analytics dashboard, combined with the Operation Management option for the HPE Alletra 4110 data storage server provide an intuitive cloud management experience, featuring access control, usage monitoring (to prevent bottlenecks), system health status and firmware management.

Both Qumulo’s REST API and HPE support for the iLO Restful API are included in the solution. This allows you to programmatically manage and automate tasks, and reduce risks as well as demands on limited IT resources. It also facilitates easy import of analytics data into monitoring applications.

Qumulo is offered as-a-service, via HPE GreenLake. The service provides a pay-as-you-go platform for file data, that supports key business processes, and a wide range of workloads. Users gain fast access to their data and key applications—delivered in a cost-effective, consumption-based model.

Support Flawlessly

Direct access to Qumulo engineers and system admins via Slack, phone, or email - with response times measured in minutes.

Leverage HPE Tech Care Services for a range of support offerings & SLA’s: Basic, Essential or Critical. Direct access to HPE product-specific specialists is offered through multiple channels that include phone, chat, automated incident logging, and HPE-moderated forums with defined response times.

Bi-weekly software releases with quarterly rollups assure that customers get features quickly and without disruption.

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