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What's New

  • Choice of virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) - Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade 4.0 or Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10
  • Choice for open source based software defined storage (HPE HCG CEPH or Red Hat CEPH)
  • Support up to 500 compute nodes. Expandable control plane for compute node scale
  • Configuration flexibility with a granular selection of compute, storage and memory
  • Optional Centralized Logging servers consolidates logs from all platform elements

Key Features

Simple to Deploy

HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) System simplifies the deployment of NFV for communications service providers (CSPs), since it is simple to buy, deploy, operate and support with NFV System packaging and part numbers.

It offers turnkey bundled configurations for faster deployment with consistent management tools across the data center.

A single primary installer supports all software installations.

You get out-of-the-box automation features for simplified operations.

The NFV Solution Support part number is to set-up service on the system.

Open Source Architecture

The HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) System provides openness resulting in choices for the customer. Best in class solutions for various functions results in deployments that yield the best business results for the communication service provider (CSP).

Based on an open source platform the Carrier Grade solution is based on Linux®, OpenStack, and KVM implementations, additional open source components are also used.

Delivers OpenStack APIs—avoiding vendor lock-in that happens with proprietary solutions.

Support for multiple guest operating systems for increased flexibility.

Leverage OpenNFV Partner Program or Red Hat Partner Program to create innovative services in a rapid fashion.

Carrier Grade

The HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) System is designed for high availability for each hardware and software component to deliver no single point of failure.

Proven hardware solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise: servers, storage, and networking product families.

Enhanced OpenStack distribution to meet carrier grade requirements.

Provides real-time packet processing for VNFs in telco environments reducing down-time.

New Revenue Opportunities

The HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) System enables creation of innovative service models with the myriad of HPE OpenNFV VNF’s and other Telco Workloads and access to the HPE Technical Services, HPE Technical Services Support, and Technical Services Consulting portfolios.

Supports communication service providers (CSPs) expansion into new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Used as the preferred platform for many NFV solutions such as vCPE, vEPC, and vIMS.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. OpenStack® is a trademark and/or registered trademark of the OpenStack Foundation in the United States and other countries.

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