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  • Consume Service as a pay upfront or pay as you go. Get moving quickly and easily with instant SLA-driven quoting and rapid ordering.
  • Manage VMs and infrastructure across your fleet and public cloud through a single console. Flexible consumption of Compute (CPU and Memory) and Storage resources.
  • Highly resilient with 99.9999% data availability guaranteed1, and leading performance.
  • AI-managed automation – deploy in a few clicks, with one-click upgrades.
  • SLA-based hybrid cloud data protection and mobility.
  • Flexible consumption of Compute (CPU & Memory) and Storage resources.

Key Features

Instant, Attribute-Based Quoting, and Rapid Ordering

Choose from different tiers for your performance and service requirements.

Shift from owning data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it without heavy upfront costs, flexibly consuming services on demand.

Pick from CPU, memory and capacity reservation tiers based on your application requirements.

Self Service Private Cloud

Low touch provisioing to enable fast and easy provisioning of all infrastructure, firmware and software components.

Accelerate deploypment and setup multiple clusters or sites in a cookie cutter approach, by leveraging infrastructure blueprints.

Unified one-click updates of various components in the stack. You can now update one more clusters or sites in parallel.

Unified update takes care of all your software, firmware, security patches and virtualization components.

Enhanced configuration analysis to check infrastructure with best practices across compute, storage and networking.

Accelerate Virtual Machine and Application Experience

Global unified dashboard of VMs and cluster views.

Easy private cloud VM provisioning within few clicks leveraging software catalog for preloaded images.

VM management allowing for edit, migrate, delete and power actions.

Provision and manage public cloud VMs within Private Cloud Business Edition cloud console.

MultiCluster capability, create one or more host clusters within your VMware environment.

Harness Hybrid Cloud Data Protection and VM Mobility

Native data protection of VMs provided via integration with HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery.

1 99.9999% data availability guarantee: https://www.hpe.com/psnow/doc/a50008777ENW

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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