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  • Upfront, monthly in-arrears and pay-as-you-go (PAYG) payment options.
  • Application integrated protection for Microsoft SQL server databases and Amazon RDS databases.
  • Protection for storage volumes to enable protection of any commercial or custom application.
  • On-premises backup to a service-defined Protection Store or a HPE StoreOnce appliance.
  • Protection Policies can include on-premises snapshots, on-premises backups, cloud backups, on-premises backup copies (replicas) and on-premises to cloud backup copies (replicas).
  • File and folder recovery with search to quickly locate a single item for recovery.

Key Features

Easy to Setup, Operate and Scale

Protect your on-premises and cloud data with with a unified cloud operational experience, so you spend less time managing data protection and more time delivering business outcomes.

Automate protection using flexible Protection Policies that define the recovery points and backup retention you need to deliver data protection for your organization.

Data protection delivered as a service means you do not have to plan or carry out any software patches or updates, the service is automatically updated without any downtime.

Integrated management of cloud and local backup targets removes the hassle of maintaining compatibility between  secondary storage and backup software.

Configure some or all of your backups to be immutable to prevent deletion or change during their retention time in order to survive malware attacks and unintended or malicious deletion.

Reduce Space Needed to Store Backup Data and Efficiently Use Internet Bandwidth

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst deduplication technology delivers up to 8x better backup space saving compared to other solutions. As a result of the unmatched space savings, the service uses the lowest capacity of storage costs for on-premises and cloud backups.

For on-premises protection, array-optimized protection is highly bandwidth efficient and enables fast, incremental backups for VMware virtual machines and MS SQL Server databases using HPE GreenLake managed storage. VMware CBT backup is used for protection of data on any vendor’s storage.

Array-integrated protection of storage volumes allows any commercial or custom application data to be protected with the same high backup storage utilization efficiency.

For cloud native AWS protection, HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery gives you two tiers of protection with native AWS snapshots and cloud backups.

Hybrid protection with on-premises recovery points for near-instant recovery and fast recovery as well as cost-effective recovery cloud points for long term backup retention.

Unified Protection Across Your Data Assets

The Data Services Cloud Console application hosted on the HPE GreenLake Cloud Portal delivers services for a unified experience for data and infrastructure management.

HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery provides a single interface for managing data protection schedules and the data protection storage removing the need to switch between backup software and storage device consoles.

Integrated into HPE Private Cloud Business Edition (HPE PCBE) to enable protection of PCBE managed virtual machines without leaving the PCBE service.

Manage the protection of on-premises assets and cloud assets through a single cloud managment console.

Automate protection using Protection Policies that define snapshots, backup and backup copies (replicas) as well as backup destination(s), retention and immutability for consistent protection in line with your organization’s data protection requirements.

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