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HPE 32GB microSD Flash Memory Card

HPE 32GB microSD Flash Memory Card


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HPE 8GB microSD Flash Memory Card

HPE 8GB microSD Flash Memory Card


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  • Support for Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V Server on the HPE 32GB microSD Flash Memory Card.

HPE Flash Media Kits deliver high-performance for customers who require boot from flash solutions.

Optimized for VMware Hypervisors and Windows Server 2016.

HPE Flash Media products offer superior performance with greater than 10+ MB/second Read Transfer Rate, and 5+ MB/second Write Transfer Rate.

Each device undergoes rigorous performance testing, software validation and strict revision control to ensure its quality and reliability while running on HPE ProLiant Servers.

A typical flash media device draws 1W versus 12W total power on 2 x 300 GB SAS 10K SFF hard drives in a RAID configuration. HPE tests and qualifies these devices using the highest industry flash technology.

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