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  • RAID Basic configuration supported on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers Smart Arrays
  • iLO/BIOS updates and new commands
  • iLO Repository Manage & Stage commands

Delivers a Single Scripting Tool for consistent Server Management Across Multiple Servers

The RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) leverages the iLO RESTful API- Redfish API Conformant- and provides server inventory, monitoring and configuration to control power, BIOS, iLO settings, fetch event logs, RAID and more.

Delivers remote authentication while scripting to increase server deployment security following https protocol.

Provides more than ~50 commands with build in help for simpler manageability.

Filter is a new optional parameter for selecting objects based on values of properties of an object. This is helpful for object types that have multiple instances like PCI devices.

Open Source project enables (iLOREST) extensions for advance users to create or combine current commands for better integrations with your server management needs.

Reduce Deployment Time with Any of the Three Modes of Scripting

The RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) offers an Interactive Mode that helps you get familiar with the tool using the autocomplete functionality.

The Scriptable Mode lets you script all the commands with the use of an external input file. The script contains a list of command lines that enable you to get and set properties of server objects.

File-based mode is similar to the conrep.dat files used by CONREP. File-based mode supports JSON file formats.

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