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HPE Complete AntemetA 3PAR Solution Simplifies the Daily Management of your IT Resources

Access to back-end or front-end performance with a detailed report including for example IOPS and bandwidth information (available for the entire array or per volume) or visualization of the regions moving between the different storage tiers (for easier monitoring of data placement).

Supervise physical and virtual storage utilization.

To be given the most relevant information in real time.

Provides an extremely available, always-on storage solution that can withstand failure of an entire array without any impact to their mission-critical ap­plications.

Designed for Ease-of-Use and Simplified Administration

Few clicks to generate automated and simplified reports about your 3PAR storage system.

Quickly detect and isolate performance problems to minimize and anticipate their impact on your projects.

Pre-configured graphs and customizable interface.

Oracle to help achieve recovery time objectives (RTO) set by customers even in a federated deploy­ment.

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