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  • Five Datera solution optimized, pre-configured HPE ProLiant DL360 and DL380 Gen10 Servers have been validated and are available for easy ordering.
  • Configurations include hybrid, NVMe, SATA, LFF, and SFF options.
  • A Datera Cloud Kit is now available to bring the operational simplicity of public cloud storage for a variety of workloads in your datacenter, either bare metal, virtualized, or containers.
  • The kit is an easy to deploy, pre-configured and tested Datera cluster, combining HPE servers with HPE M-series Ethernet switches, that has known performance and availability characteristics.

Key Features

Data Automation

The Datera solution utilizes a fully programmable application programming interface (API) based on industry-standard protocols (no proprietary access method) to deliver a simple way for developers to enable data for their applications.

Employs a self-service, cloud-like user model for on-demand provisioning.

Provides live data migration, non-disruptively automated through policies, and live hardware insertion lets you add server nodes easily without downtime.

Enables volume tiering to dynamically place data on the best performance tier specified through policies.

Utilizes applied machine learning to help optimize system-wide resources to continuously deliver the right quality of service without the need for manual tuning or intervention.

Enterprise Performance

The Datera solution drives consistent sub-200 microsecond latencies with advanced data services.

Delivers millions of IOPS across a complete data center environment.

Enables compression and deduplication on a cluster node or on a global basis to drive down costs and overhead.

Provides price/performance control at a volume level, enabling organizations to right-size the economics for their internal or external customers.

Delivers advanced data services per volume, including S3 object storage, policy-based tiering, stretch clustering, L3 networking, fault domains, and all the traditional enterprise-class storage features.

Future-Ready Choice

The Datera solution supports a mix of heterogeneous nodes, including persistent memory, high-performance all-flash and hybrid flash nodes selected to meet workload requirements.

Drop in a new node and the system rebalances to incorporate that new capacity and compute power.

Retire a node and the system automatically rebalances to help optimize the next data operation.

Enables enterprises to extend the life and value of their server assets and span multiple generations of hardware innovation.

Five Datera solution optimized, Pre-configured HPE ProLiant DL360 and DL380 Gen10 Servers have been validated and are available for easy ordering. Configurations include Hybrid, NVMe, SATA, LFF, and SFF options.

Data Center Awareness

The Datera solution delivers software-driven tunable data resiliency through automated policy-based tiering and replicas.

Supports container-based application environments, such as Docker, and leading orchestrators such as Kubernetes and Rancher.

Enables virtual machine environments including VMware® and KVM, as well as OpenStack® and CloudStack.

Supports bare metal Linux® deployments.

Provides full-fault isolation to enable continuous availability and reliable multitenancy.

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