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Key Features

Achieve an On-demand Storage Experience

Deploy, manage, and scale your storage in 93% less time [2] with a platform that sets up in minutes, tunes itself, and upgrades transparently without hassle.

Consume storage on your terms. With HPE Greenlake, HPE Primera grows with your business needs and gives IT instant gratification with elastic consumption and scale delivered as-a-service.

Get a Timeless ownership experience that keeps getting better overtime. Say goodbye to forklift upgrades and hidden costs with all-inclusive licensing, non-disruptive controller upgrades, efficiency and up-time guarantees, and flexible consumption options to suit your needs.

Prevent Disruptions with App-aware Resiliency

Raise the bar on mission-critical reliability. HPE Primera comes standard with a 100% data availability guarantee, without requiring special contracts or onerous terms.

See beyond the walls of storage. More than 90% of issues arise from above the storage layer [3] – in the network, server and virtualization layer. HPE Primera sees beyond storage with HPE InfoSight to predict and prevent any disruptions in the networking, application and server layers.

Defend against storage and site failure with transparent business continuity and extend app-aware data protection to the cloud.

Consolidate Without the Risk

Ensure your traditional and modern mission critical apps are always fast, even at scale thru an all-active architecture built for Storage Class Memory and NVMe.

Get visibility for optimizing application workload placement while accounting for application performance characteristics and interactions with other shared applications on an HPE Primera system.

Eliminate the guesswork with real-time analytics to maintain predictable performance. AI models trained in the cloud are now embedded in the array for real-time analytics to ensure consistent performance for application workloads.

[1] 100% Availability Guarantee Solution Brief https://www.hpe.com/us/en/pdfViewer.html?docId=a00074521&parentPage=/us/en/products/storage/hpe-primera&resourceTitle=100%25+Availability+Guarantee+%E2%80%93+HPE+Primera+brochure

[2] Up to 93% less time - Based on HPE internal testing of a leading Tier-1 storage system versus HPE Primera

[3] Based on recent survey of IT leaders by IDC

[4] Note under specifications *select availability

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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