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Hitachi HGLM/HDLM for IBM AIX Media Kit

Hitachi HGLM/HDLM for IBM AIX Media Kit

Hitachi global and dynamic link manager for IBM AIX media


What's New

  • Support for VMware environments

Key Features

Guard Against Path Failures and Achieve High Level of Data Availability

Path failover reduces the risk of financial loss due to the failure of a critical application. Automatic failover and failback provide a high level of data availability. Applications can even stay online while a path is taken offline for maintenance.

System performance is improved by spreading the storage I/O workload across available paths.

Simplify and Automate Path Management with GUI and CLI

At administrator-specified intervals the software will monitor the status of data paths and will take a path offline automatically if needed.

A graphical user interface and a command-line interface are included, simplifying path management.

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