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HPE Installation and Startup 3PAR 8000 All Inclusive Single System Service

HPE Installation and Startup 3PAR 8000 All Inclusive Single System Service


  • Designed to provide a smooth startup, HPE 3PAR All-inclusive Single-system StoreServ Software Installation and Startup Service provides deployment of your HPE 3PAR storage software, helping to ensure proper installation in your storage environment as well as helping you increase the benefit from your storage investment. Complementing your new HPE 3PAR All-inclusive Single-system software, HPE 3PAR All-inclusive Single-system Software Installation and Startup Service provides the necessary activities required to help you deploy Adaptive Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, File Persona, Priority Optimization, System Reporter, Virtual Copy, and provide an overview of Virtual Domains and Virtual Lock. With the assistance of your designated IT storage administrator, an HPE service specialist deploys your HPE 3PAR All-inclusive Single-system software as more fully described in the Service feature table.
  • Deployment of HPE Application Suite, Online Import, Recovery Manager Central, and Smart SAN for 3PAR products are excluded from this service. Separate services are available. For HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy, this service provides a limited implementation to help you get Virtual Copy up and running quickly and to provide a demonstration of the product's key features using sample or test data only. The following advanced deliverables are excluded from this service but are available via the HPE Data Replication Solution Service for HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software: • Implementation and testing of the HPE 3PAR Virtual Copy software configuration using production volumes or a production application • Other services that address the unique requirements of your organization, such as verification of multiple applications you have configured, scripting, or integration and configuration of your applications by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, backup environment, or databases (Scripting can help enable integration and end-to-end automation within your organization's environment.) This service is applicable only for supported environments. Please refer to additional exclusions in the Service limitations section.
  • Allows your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities Can help reduce implementation time, as well as the impact and risk to your storage environment
  • To help ensure a successful implementation by providing HPE installation planning and coordination
  • Provides service delivered by a trained specialist
  • 4AA6-6549ENN, June 2017, Rev. 1

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