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  • Support for new partners offering content distribution networks and video probes.

Key Features

Real-time Customer Insights

The HPE Video Performance Platform aggregates all data, not just at the content delivery network level (CDN). Communication service providers (CSPs) now have comprehensive insights into customers’ consumption behaviors at the individual level, not just aggregated at the group or segment.

It delivers an intuitive and powerful GUI that includes map visualization and it is easy to create custom reports on the fly, and save them as predefined dashboards with a single click.

Produces a level of granularity in data search and analysis that helps CSPs to know the variety of devices from which their customers are viewing video. CSPs can use this information to proactively generate offers and rebates to viewers whose experience has been impacted.

Provides visibility on individual customer consumption habits, patterns, and preferences and is essential to customize video services with appropriate content genre, deliver targeted advertising, and determine appropriate pricing bundles.

Multi-platform and Multi-vendor End-to-end Management

HPE Video Performance Platform is built on an open source architecture that enables integration of multiple vendors’ tools.

The open architecture is also scalable to manage thousands to millions of requests. In internal tests, the solution proved to process 850,000,000+ requests per day; absorbed 80,000+ concurrent requests and detected 30% more incidents before the customer experienced them.1

In these same studies, the solution was able to monitor up to two times more traffic on the content distribution network (CDN) with the same resources.1

Video Outage Detection Increases Incident Resolution

HPE Video Performance Platform is used to detect network bottlenecks and outages in real-time and provide complete service impact analysis.

By quickly identifying the issue, support teams are able to provide faster resolution and focus on serious events.

Analyzes patterns and configures alerts in real-time help to identify potential service issues before they become a service disruption.

Resource Optimization

HPE Video Performance Platform provides automated data analytics and resolution process insight and reduces the number of operators required to manage incidents.

Leverages video probing tools that provides automated monitoring to deliver incident detection for early resolution.

1 Hewlett Packard Enterprise internal testing, November/December 2015.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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