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Athonet Dashboard 1 Year evaluation E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard above 25K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard 25K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard Provisioning E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard 10K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard Monitoring 23.1 e-Media



Athonet Dashboard Monitoring (unit of 1 site) E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard 300 Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard 5K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E-LTU



Athonet Dashboard 23.2 e-Media


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Key Features

Multi-tenant Management of Distributed Mobile Private Networks

With role-based access and multi-tenancy, Athonet Dashboard allows customers to grant channel partners various network management visibility levels on a single console with resources segregation to verify domain isolation requirements are met.

With provisioning of devices, profiles, and associated quality of service, USIM lifecycle is supported from management of USIM order workflows to USIM status monitoring.

Configuration management enables consistency across the distributed solution.

Monitoring with Confidence

Athonet Dashboard features a Network Monitoring Function providing real-time status abstracting the complexity to provide business meaningful KPIs.

Capture and display alarms and performance KPIs for radio status, access status, and network usage status.

Increase Value with Powerful Analytics

With built-in flexible analytics, Athonet Dashboard offers data traffic reports that can customize data traffic analysis with advanced filters such as IMSI and country.

Gain additional valuable insight with exposed traffic descriptive analytics and trends analyzing history.

Easily collect useful CDR data that is cleaned, enriched, and stored to be ready for analytic use cases.

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