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Athonet IMS 10K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU



Athonet IMS 25K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU



Athonet IMS above 25K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU



Athonet IMS legacy E‑LTU



Athonet IMS legacy 300 Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU



Athonet IMS legacy 5K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU



Athonet IMS 4.6 e‑Media



Athonet IMS legacy 10K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU



Athonet IMS 4.7 e‑Media



Athonet IMS legacy 25K Provisioned Devices (unit of 1 device) E‑LTU


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Key Features

Easy to Adopt Voice Communication Services

The Athonet IMS allows clients to bring the powerful of VoLTE and VoNR high quality voice and video services regardless of access.

Athonet IMS handles the session control, authentication, routing, registration, and session establishing to provide reliable native voice and video services to LTE or 5G terminals.

Integrate with mission critical push-to-talk applications or with enterprise IP-PBX.

Simplified and Open Architecture for Efficient Operation and Maintenance

Athonet IMS can be interconnected with legacy external networks via PBX to send/receive calls and offer resilience.

Through a reliable web-based GUI and API, customers can benefit from more effective OAM by operating on the instance itself or via OSS. Open to integrate with any management system using REST API.

This value-added platform can be integrated in most IT contexts for reliable operation and maintenance activity.

Market Proven, Reliable, Robust, and Compact

With a 10+ years of maturity, Athonet IMS provides robust Voice Services (VoNR/VoLTE) over mobile private networks on a single platform with efficient operation and trusted functionality.

Deployment in just one virtual machine.

Athonet IMS can scale up to thousands of registered devices and large number of concurrent sessions.

Instant Deployment via Automated Installation, Configuration, and Provisioning

Athonet IMS exposes HTTP API to provide consistent and predictable configuration and provisioning.

Uses tools like Ansible and configurations templates to automate VMs deployment and configuration.

Athonet IMS features a default configuration with a minimum set of parameters to efficiently bring up VoLTE for private networks.

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