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  • Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) is now available which provides local continuous backup and long-term retention, priced for backup. It can be used it for all applications with substantial TCO savings.
  • ZDP backs up to Microsoft Azure and AWS for cost-effective and reliable public storage. Retain workloads for years and adhere to compliance.
  • ZDP supports VMware on public clouds, Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE), Azure VMware Solution (AVS), and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
  • Zerto is now integrated into GreenLake, providing scalable disaster recovery, workload protection and complete data protection in a consumption-based IT model aligned to your capacity needs.
  • Zerto integrates with the following HPE product lines: HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, 3PAR, Nimble, MSA, HPE DL servers, HPE Hyper-Converged Systems (SimpliVity), and HPE Composable Systems (Synergy).

Key Features

Continuous Data Protection: Disaster Recovery and Backup

Zerto provides always-on replication: Say goodbye to periodic backups and snapshots with Zerto’s near-synchronous replication. Create thousands of recovery checkpoints, seconds apart. Delivering RPOs of seconds providing industry leading RTOs.

Journal-based recovery: Every change made is automatically written into a journal with a granularity of seconds, so you can rewind to a point in time seconds before an incident.

Application consistency: Quickly and consistently recover multi-VM applications as one entity to accelerate your RTOs.

Local continuous backup: Perform day-to-day backup restores across any application using the journal. Recover without data loss or downtime and solve for file deletions, corrupt databases or ransomware attacks.

Long-term retention: Adhere to compliance, unlock cost-effective storage on-premises and in the public cloud. Recover entire virtualized datacenters or a single file from seconds ago, or years ago.

Data Mobility and Migrations

Zerto brings total infrastructure flexibility: Easily move and protect your applications on-premises, in the public cloud, a service provider, or even a multicloud environment.

Hybrid and multicloud agility: Create seamless recovery, consolidation, and migration experiences in four easy clicks. Migrate to and from the cloud, and even across hypervisors.

Data center consolidations and modernizations: Quickly migrate entire data centers for consolidation projects without any impact to your production environment.

Orchestration, Analytics, and More

Zerto provides non-disruptive testing: Validate recoverability, perform a migration dry-run, or test against production replicas, all with no production or protection impact.

Flexible REST APIs: Fully automate deployment and VM protection using ready-made examples.

Built-in analytics: Provide unparalleled multisite, multicloud visibility, including a mobile app for monitoring SLAs from anywhere.

Compliance reporting: Pass audits and stay in compliance with built-in reporting and hassle-free testing.

Security: Rapid recovery from ransomware and visibility/scanning capabilities so you can remain proactive and alert.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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