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  • Available for ordering Q3CY2016

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Reduces the Need for Fixed Ratios of Interconnects and Substantially Reduces Cost and Complexity

The HPE Synergy 10Gb Interconnect Link Module of HPE Synergy composable fabric extends satellite frame connectivity to primary frame. The connectivity to primary frame is through zero latency cables and replaces fixed ratio of interconnects with flexible ratio of networking pool of resources.

Inherits all the benefits of primary module. Up to four additional satellite frames can be connected to primary module with Synergy 10Gb Interconnect Link Module.

Firmware upgrade on primary module won't affect Synergy 10Gb Interconnect Link Modules making software upgrade on primary module less impactful to the satellite modules.

Adding a satellite frame doesn't increase east/west traffic hop count between Synergy Compute Modules connected to same primary module. Up to 60 Synergy Compute Modules with one-hop can be supported with primary module.

Adding frames with Synergy 10Gb Interconnect Link Modules doesn't consume ports on the aggregation switch.

Flexible with Different Edge Network Architecture

The HPE Synergy 10Gb Interconnect Link Module fits into different architecture based on edge interconnects needs.

Supports HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy and HPE Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch Module.

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