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HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 LFF NC H Node

HPE SimpliVity 380 Network Choice for Backup and Archive



HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 NC G Node

HPE SimpliVity 380 Network Choice for Expandability



HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 G Node

HPE SimpliVity 380 for Expandability



HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 LFF H Node

HPE SimpliVity 380 for Backup and Archive



HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 Node

HPE SimpliVity 380 for Expandability



HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 SFF NC H Node

HPE SimpliVity 380 Network Choice for General Purpose Virtualization



What's New

  • HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 Plus nodes with new 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Ice Lake CPUs
  • HPE 3.84TB SATA SSD drives
  • Support for Broadcom MR216i-p and NS204i-p boot drive controllers
  • NVIDIA A100, A40, A30, A16, A10, A2 and T4 GPU's for next generation, intelligent workloads
  • HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 Plus can achieve 32 TB with only twelve 3.84 TB SSDs
  • HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 Plus will support single and dual disk resiliency as deployment option similar to other HPE SimpliVity software optimized nodes

Key Features

Complete Hyperconvergence in a Fully Integrated System

The HPE SimpliVity 380 combines x86 resources, storage, and storage networking in a single hyperconverged system with advanced functionality.

Simplifies management and delivers outstanding cost efficiency and agility.

Increased visibility and control of the entire virtualized environment via unified management.

Delivers orchestrated, simultaneous deployment and upgrades so you can deploy more simply and respond to business needs faster.

Unify virtual machines and infrastructure tasks to reduce virtual machine (VM) sprawl and over-provisioning.

Peak and Predictable Performance

The HPE SimpliVity 380 delivers an all-flash solution delivering predictable and near linear performance at near-wire speeds while reducing latency.

In-line deduplication, compression, and optimization helps reduce I/O and network traffic while dramatically shrinking backup window requirements.

On Demand Scale-in and Scale-out

The HPE SimpliVity 380 can easily expand or contract configurations as your needs change.

Each node supports a large number of fully protected virtual machines (VMs).

A networked collection of nodes at both local and remote sites are managed as a single entity.

Flexibility to expand node storage and add a second CPU (with additional memory) to 1P nodes within the field.

Federations scale up to 96 nodes. Heterogenous federation support (clusters of HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen9/Gen10 and legacy HPE SimpliVity can be federated with clusters of HPE SimpliVity 380 G or HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 Plus, HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10/Gen10 Plus v2 and HPE SimpliVity 2600 Gen10).

Advanced Data Services

The HPE SimpliVity 380 delivers always-on deduplication and compression to significantly reduce capacity utilization.

Built-in resiliency, backup, and disaster recovery for enterprise-grade data protection.

Policy-based, virtual machine (VM) centric management to streamline operations.

HPE SimpliVity RapidDR is a Disaster Recovery(DR) orchestration tool for HPE SimpliVity platforms to simplify, automate, and accelerate offsite DR for rapid recovery of applications.

Optional Data at Rest Encryption (DARE) support.

Intel® is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Xeon® is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. VMware® is a registered trademark or trademark of VMware, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and other jurisdictions.

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