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HPE Synergy Composer2 Management Appliance Kit



HPE Synergy Composer2 Management Appliance



What's New

  • HPE Synergy Composer2 management appliance delivers an updated architecture with UEFI and HPE iLO5.
  • Management access to remote systems using iLO enables lights-out operations (iLO remote access) in HPE Synergy Composer2.
  • HPE Synergy management for IPv6-only operations is supported.
  • HPE Synergy Composer2 enhances performance for faster lifecycle operations at scale with excellent user interface responsiveness.
  • Secure Boot in HPE Synergy Composer2 prevents tampering by validating the OS Bootloader and OS kernel (and kernel modules and drivers).
  • Secure Start in Composer2 validates the iLO5 firmware and UEFI BIOS using Silicon Root of Trust for attack resilience. Other protections limit access to iLO5 and lock-down the UEFI BIOS and OS kernel.

Key Features

One Infrastructure for Any Workload

HPE Synergy Composer matches a powerful software architecture to the flexible HPE Synergy hardware infrastructure. Software-defined management, powered by HPE OneView, eliminates complexity by quickly matching physical and virtual resources to bare metal, virtualized, and containerized workloads.

Automatically discover the available compute-storage-fabric resources, bring them under monitoring, and display them for use in a single management domain. HPE Synergy Composer quickly organizes all types of infrastructure resources for use -- the essence of 'infrastructure-as-code'.

Increase productivity and control across a hybrid cloud environment by using HPE Synergy Composer to support both current- and next gen- applications, while accommodating diverse infrastructure requirements and service level objectives.

Deploy at Cloud-like Speed and Scale

HPE Synergy Composer is a paradigm shift in how to manage infrastructure because it reduces manual interaction and human error, by implementing change operations automatically and capturing the best practices of your experts into templates.

Powerful templates capture best practices and efficiently use resources, including creation of logical infrastructures to provision at near-instant speeds and meet application needs. Templates in HPE Synergy Composer can manage compute, storage, and fabric resources -- and even system images!

Scaling is simple and automated. Additional capacity is self-assimilated into larger flexible pools to reduce operational complexity as hardware grows. This capability to quickly add groups of similar physical and logical resources saves time and money as you grow your environment.

Accelerate application and service delivery time by precisely composing and re-composing logical infrastructures at near-instant speeds. Stand up services in minutes with a single line of code and create environments like those of public cloud providers in your own data center on-premise.

Automate Everyday Operations

Simplify IT operations, free stranded capacity, and efficiently manage your environment using the software-defined intelligence of HPE Synergy Composer. Using a single interface for multiple tools allows your administrator or team of administrators to quickly implement lifecycle operational changes.

Eliminate downtime with non-disruptive firmware/driver updates that can update multiple frames to a new baseline while unifying updates for all components. Firmware and OS driver updates are controlled by server profiles and can be staged for activation during a maintenance window to reduce outages.

Updates, from tested releases of component software, are securely handled using a dedicated data network (separate from the management/control network) with redundant path configurations. HPE Synergy out-of-band management offers a dedicated 10 Gbps bandwidth for added security and control.

Server profile templates are powerful software constructs which comprehend compute, storage, and network resources for 'infrastructure-as-code' control. Templates ‘monitor, flag, and remediate’ out-of-compliance elements in individual server profiles to aid automation using inheritance properties.

Secure your Synergy systems operations beyond mere perimeter security -- to prevent, detect, and recover from threats. HPE Composer further ensures security by using HPE’s Silicon Root of Trust to validate the firmware in use to prevent tampering. Security for continuous operations is essential!

Develop Apps Faster and Smarter

Accelerate your business with a developer-friendly infrastructure that allows you to automate your operations and applications with an extensive partner ecosystem. HPE Synergy Composer is fully-programmable to your continuous build, test, and deployment of applications.

Automation is delivered in HPE Synergy Composer by using a Unified API. This RESTful API provides simple access for fast policy-based operations -- which can include discovery, search, inventory, configuration, provisioning, updates, and diagnosis of the HPE Synergy infrastructure.

Traditional environments can automate processes and design workflows to meet their needs, eliminating multiple time-consuming scripting tools and interfaces. Popular tools such as Microsoft® Systems Center and VMware vCenter® Server use this fully-programmable API to integrate with HPE Synergy.

Operational control and automation of HPE Synergy can be used by applications like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet to achieve productivity for DevOps. Physical resources are presented in the same way as virtual and public cloud resources, so DevOps tools can provision instantly and programmatically.

Developers and users can control HPE Synergy infrastructure programmatically using the Unified API to create a hyper-connected data center. Automate operations and workloads, create DevOps-ready infrastructures, construct cloud infrastructure, or deploy containerized micro-service applications.

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