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NVIDIA L40 48GB PCIe Accelerator for HPE Cray Supercomputing EX



NVIDIA H100 80GB PCIe 8‑GPU Accelerator for HPE Cray XD670



NVIDIA NextGen 96GB GPU 128GB LPDDR Accelerator for HPE Cray EX254n



NVIDIA L40S 48GB PCIe Accelerator



NVIDIA A10 PCIe Non‑CEC Accelerator for HPE

NVIDIA A10 24GB PCIe Non-CEC Accelerator



NVIDIA H100 80GB PCIe Accelerator for HPE

NVIDIA H100 80GB PCIe Accelerator



NVIDIA L40S 48GB PCIe Accelerator



NVIDIA A2 16GB PCIe Non‑CEC Accelerator for HPE

NVIDIA A2 16GB PCIe Non-CEC Accelerator


* est. price incl. VAT
As low as53 €/mo with HPEFS

NVIDIA A30 PCIe Non‑CEC Accelerator for HPE

NVIDIA A30 24GB PCIe Non-CEC Accelerator


* est. price incl. VAT
As low as233 €/mo with HPEFS

NVIDIA A10 24GB PCIe Non‑CEC Accelerator for HPE

NVIDIA A10 24GB PCIe Non-CEC Accelerator


* est. price incl. VAT
As low as158 €/mo with HPEFS
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What's New

  • PCIe Express Gen5 provides increased bandwidth and improves data-transfer speeds from CPU memory.
  • Fourth-generation tensor cores for dramatic AI speedups.
  • Faster GPU memory to boost performance.
  • Third generation NVLink doubles the GPU-GPU direct bandwidth.
  • Third-generation RT cores for speeding up rendering workloads.
  • NVIDIA confidential computing is a built-in security feature of Hopper-based accelerators.

Key Features

Develop and Deploy AI at Any Scale

Build new AI models with supervised or unsupervised training for generative AI, computer vision, large language models, scientific discovery, and financial market modeling with NVIDIA accelerators and HPE Cray systems.

Get real-time inference for computer vision, natural language processing, fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and medical imaging with NVIDIA accelerators and HPE ProLiant Compute Servers.

NVIDIA Accelerators for HPE improve computational performance, dramatically reducing the completion time for parallel tasks, offering quicker time to solutions.

NVIDIA Qualified and NVIDIA Certified HPE Servers

NVIDIA Accelerators for HPE undergo thermal, mechanical, power, and signal integrity qualification to validate that the accelerator is fully functional in the server. NVIDIA Qualified configurations are supported for production use.

NVIDIA Certified HPE servers are tested to validate both multi-GPU and multi-node performance for a diverse set of workloads to deliver excellent application performance, manageability, security, and scalability.

HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Management

HPE iLO server management software enables you to securely configure, monitor, and update your NVIDIA Accelerators for HPE seamlessly, from anywhere in the world.

Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) is an embedded technology that helps simplify server and accelerator set up, health monitoring, power, and thermal control, utilizing HPE's Silicon Root of Trust.

NVIDIA, the NVIDIA logo, NVIDIA-Certified Systems, NVLink, NVIDIA Omniverse and NVIDIA RTX are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation and affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective owners with which they are associated.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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