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What's New

  • Policy Management (Image Pull, Pod Security, Drift Detection) and Container Runtime Security - out-of-the-box capabilities such as Falco (open source only).
  • RHEL 8 Support on GPU hosts (Kubernetes hosts fresh install and Kubernetes hosts upgrade (includes GPU support)
    Kubernetes Version 1.19.
  • Model Management with Machine Learning (ML) Flow integration and Airflow Operator for Spark Scheduling
  • Upgrade Spark Operator to 3.0.1 – K8s only
  • Global FSMount - Enable sharing with Global FSMount across tenants
  • Apache Livy for Apache Spark 3

Key Features

Bring the Speed and Efficiency of Containers to both Cloud-native and Non-cloud Native Apps

A turnkey solution that brings consistent processes and common services to both cloud-native and non cloud-native apps.

Delivers improved agility, increased efficiency and a cloud-like experience to non-cloud-native apps – without re–architecting them.

Offers greater parity for application developers working with monolithic non cloud-native apps.

Provides a common container platform for a wide range of use cases across your IT estate: including AI / ML, Analytics, IoT, CI/CD, and app modernization.

Lower Costs with Bare-metal Containers and Reduce Risk with Enterprise-grade Security

Provide an integrated container platform with Kubernetes that addresses networking, load balancing, storage, security, and access controls.

Eliminate the cost and performance overhead of virtualization “tax,” with bare-metal containers.

Reduce infrastructure costs with bare-metal containers, by increasing resource utilization.

Ensure multi-tenant security isolation, with AD/LDAP integration and authentication. Improve efficiency through compute / storage separation – with containerized compute services and secure access to a shared data fabric.

Support high availability, fault tolerance and resiliency for enterprise workloads. Enable governance and control with management consoles for operations, configuration and monitoring.

Deliver New Code Releases Faster with One-click Container Deployment

Boost developer productivity with a simplified self-service experience and one-click deployment.

Quickly deploy multiple open source K8s clusters and multiple K8s versions, with no modification to native K8s experience.

Automation and lifecycle management to easily create and reproduce Kubernetes clusters.

Instantly spin up test, dev and production environments with out-of-the-box templates for cloud native and non-cloud-native apps.

Build Once and Run Anywhere Providing Hybrid Cloud Portability

A unified control plane to rapidly build and deploy applications anywhere - in your data center, on any public cloud, and at the edge.

Leverages portability of containers to run on any infrastructure (HPE or non-HPE) and any public cloud.

Supports container deployments on bare-metal, VMs, or cloud instances.

Edge ready, for distributed applications at the enterprise edge. Mitigates data gravity and latency issues, by enabling app development near the data.

Reduces friction to move apps and data, and eliminates data egress from public cloud costs.

Kubernetes ® is a registered trademark of the Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from the Linux Foundation. LINUX FOUNDATION and YOCTO PROJECT are registered trademarks of the Linux Foundation.

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