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What's New

  • Remote Snap Software Enhancements
  • Many to 1 Replication (up to 4 nodes)
  • Mixed controller replication ( P2000 G3 FC controller to P2000 G3 FC/iSCSI Combo Controller)
  • Replication between single controller array to another single controller array

Key Features

Array-based Remote Replication

With controller-based snapshots there is no detrimental impact to the host application performance.

Remote Snap is based on existing Snapshot technology from HPE MSA2000 SAN Array products. The Snapshots are used for tracking data to be replicated and to determine the differences in data updated on the volume, minimizing the amount of data to be transferred.

The initial copy of the data can be performed locally to reduce the burden of large data transfers to wide area networks.

Flexible Architecture, Simple Management

Supports replication across both Fiber Channel and Ethernet for local and remote replication requirements.

Replication wizard simplifies the tasks of setting up and establishing replication pairs from one unified, easy-to-use GUI.

Remote Snap enables both local and remote data recovery depending on the need. Since it is based on snapshot technology, Remote Snap can isolate problems to a specific point in time which can be selected by the administrator. Remote Snap also supports longer distance replication.

Investment Protection

Leveraging the integrated 64-Snapshots and the Volume Copy standard on the P200 G3 MSA Array, the Remote Snap cost-effectively creates the local or remote copies.

RPO describes the acceptable amount of data loss measured in time. RTO is the duration of time until a business process is restored RPO, and RTO are the key metrics for a company to assess their business continuity plans and find a balance between cost and recovery level

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