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What's New

  • Automated protection of your VMware virtual machines based on the availability and restore requirements you have committed to your users.
  • VM protection using snapshots, local backups and cloud backups to efficiently enable recovery times in minutes and retention of up to 7-years.
  • Integrated management of local and cloud protection storage removes the need to separately manage storage targets for backup and ensure compatibility between the storage and backup software.
  • Data protection delivered as a service means you no longer need to plan for and execute updates to your backup software.
  • Available as a service from the Data Services Cloud Console for unified data and infrastructure management across multiple locations from wherever you are.
  • Unmatched storage efficiency means you consume less cloud storage and less on-premises storage than you would with other VMware data protection solutions.

Key Features

Easy to Setup, Operate and Scale

Protect your virtual machines with a cloud operational experience, so you spend less time managing data protection and have more time to work on performance and optimizations.

Automated protection using flexible Protection Templates that define the restore service agreements for your users.

Data protection delivered as a service means you do not have to plan or carry out any software patches or updates.

Integrated management of cloud and local backup targets removes the hassle of maintaining compatibility as secondary storage firmware is updated and backup software is updated.

The service scales as you need to protect more virtual machines.

Efficiently Store Backup Data and use Internet Bandwidth

Array integrated snapshots are highly bandwidth efficient and fast incremental backups.

Protection has limited impact on production storage performance as only small block deltas between current and previous snapshots are copied during backup.

HPE Catalyst deduplication technology delivers unmatched backup space saving for lowest backup storage costs locally and in cloud.

Hybrid protection with recovery points for near-instant recovery of VMs, recovery points for fast recovery of VMs with medium term retention and cost effective recovery points for long term backup retention.

Cloud native technology mean fast availability of new features and updates to subscribers.

Unified Protection Across all your VMware vCenters

Data Services Cloud Console is the cloud portal for data services that enables a unified experience for data and infrastructure management.

The Backup and Recovery Service provides a single interface for managing data protection schedules and the data protection storage removing the need to switch between backup software and storage device consoles.

Manage the protection of virtual machines in multiple locations through a single cloud console.

Manage protection using snapshots, local backup and cloud backups in a single Protection Template to unify fast restore options and efficient long term backup data retention.

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