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  • Support for ‘Cloud Volumes Backup’ which enables users to backup from on-premises Primera/3PAR/Nimble arrays to the HPE Cloud Volumes Backup Stores and restore back to same or alternative arrays.

Key Features

Centralized Policy-driven Converged Data Protection and Copy Data Management

Create centralized copy policies quickly and easily to govern the frequency and retention of all copies of your databases or VMs across primary, secondary and cloud storage tiers.

Drive adherence to SLA requirements and business objectives by mandating specified levels of copy policies (Eg: Gold, Silver, Bronze) to be used for certain VMs or databases.

Copy policies can be set for all supported applications across all supported storage platforms to encompass application-consistent snapshots on the primary array, backups to HPE StoreOnce backup systems, copies on a second StoreOnce system or copies on StoreOnce CloudBank storage for DR purposes.

Drive timely expiration of the copies as much as creating them – to avoid copy sprawl.

RMC allows you to create as less copies as required, keep as less copies as required, ensure the copies consume as less space as required and consume as less bandwidth as required while moving the copies around various storage tiers – overall enabling you to lower your total cost of ownership.

Space-efficient Storage with Fast and Efficient Data movement Across Storage Tiers

Snapshots on HPE 3PAR or HPE Nimble Storage arrays are space-efficient, thinly provisioned, pointer-based virtual copies, occupying very little space. Backups to StoreOnce are deduplicated inline and offer up to 20:1 deduplication ratios on average.

Backups on StoreOnce are always ‘Synthetic Fulls’ or self-contained volumes available for recovery instantly – back to the original or different storage array even if the original base volume is lost.

Snapshot-based backups with multi-streamed parallel ingest facilitates faster and efficient backups compared to traditional backup technologies. RMC’s “Express Protect” Backups are up to 23x faster than traditional methods. Meet your backup windows more easily even for your largest data sets.

Copy backups efficiently to StoreOnce CloudBank Storage on a public cloud tier or on-premises object storage for long-term backup retention by moving only changed blocks as required thereby reducing network bandwidth requirements.

Fast and efficient recovery (“Express Restore” – up to 15X faster than traditional methods) by moving only changed blocks as necessary – ensures you recover from data loss quickly and don’t end up paying heavily for data egress charges from public cloud tiers.

Protect Against Ransomware and Unlock Secondary Data Use Cases Without Affecting Production

RMC Backups to StoreOnce are always written using the StoreOnce Catalyst protocol which make it immutable and therefore when it comes to ransomware protection, make it safer than replication technologies, which easily mirror the security threat or corruption on the remote array.

Storage-integrated data protection ensures there is no impact to production applications due to the backup workload. Data is moved directly from primary storage to protection storage without having to be read and written by a separate backup server.

Spin up mock environments of your application for test/dev use cases by creating space-efficient clones of your database or VM. Virtual clones based on 3PAR R/W snapshots or Nimble Zero copy clones do not consume any additional space. Physical clones are deduplicated and stored efficiently.

Create one-off clone copies from any available point-in-time copy across primary, secondary, and cloud storage tiers.

Derive more value out of your secondary copies for use cases such as reporting, analytics, etc., or carry out granular recovery without affecting your production environment by ‘mounting’ the backup copy as if it were a snapshot on primary storage (“Element Recovery Technology - ERT”).

Deployment Simplicity and Ease of Use

Get set up and running in a matter of minutes without requiring professional services. The RMC installer wizard is provided with pre-flight checks to reduce the probability of non-product issues in your storage environment unnecessarily delaying your installation.

The new, simplified RMC GUI and dashboard is built to ensure even storage generalists and database administrators can intuitively carry out all functions and monitor progress. Storage specialists are not required to operate RMC.

VMware administrators can continue using the familiar vCenter Management console for carrying out all RMC operations including snapshot management, backup and recovery or cloning, without requiring to depend on storage or backup administrators.

Customize data protection and copy data management for any application - not just the ones officially supported by RMC - by combining application-specific scripts (to quiesce the application I/O) with RMC REST APIs to automate management of snapshots, backups, and copies.

VMware® is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions.; vSphere® is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions.

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