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  • HPE 960 GB, 1.92 TB, 3.84 TB, 7.68 TB SAS 12G Read Intensive SFF, BC, Value SAS, Multi Vendor SSDs
  • Move data at speeds up to 12 Gb, twice as fast as 6 Gb SATA SSDs
  • Lower cost than enterprise 12 Gb SAS SSDs
  • Enterprise alternative to NVMe Mainstream SSDs
  • Single-ported version of enterprise 12 Gb SAS SSDs
  • Presented as an HPE Multi Vendor SKU offering

Key Features

Value SAS SSDs Deliver Twice the Interface Speed of SATA SSDs at a Lower Cost than SAS SSDs

HPE Value SAS Solid State Drives support full-duplex 12 Gb, versus SATA SSDs that are bottlenecked by the simplex 6 Gb SATA interface specification.

Featuring similar price points to 6 Gb SATA SSDs and capacities ranging from 960 GB to 7.68 TB, HPE 12 Gb Value SAS RI SSDs deliver significantly more performance per dollar and are designed to easily replace enterprise SATA SSDs in server applications.

HPE Value SAS SSDs offer a significant random IOPS performance boost over 6 Gb SATA SSDs with 1.94x1 more random read IOPS and 1.75x1 more random mixed IOPS performance.

HPE Value SAS SSDs also deliver sequential bandwidth performance gains of 1.5x1 more read bandwidth and 1.27x1 more write bandwidth than SATA SSDs.

Value SAS SSDs Run More Data Analytic Workloads in Less Time and with Lower Latency than SATA SSDs

HPE Value SAS Solid State Drives offer faster connection rates that can improve the performance of decision support system applications than SATA SSDs.

Value SAS SSDs deliver faster, lower latency storage performance than 6 Gb SATA SSDs which enables data retrieval sooner with up to 25%2 less time needed to complete query sets than SATA SSDs.

Value SAS SSDs save time executing data analytic workloads with up to 30%2 lower read latency needed to access and pull data compared to 6 Gb SATA SSDs.

By improving performance at similar price points, Value SAS SSD delivers up to 22%2 better data analytics performance per dollar than 6Gb SATA SSDs.

HPE Multi Vendor Offering for Value SAS SSDs Help Simplify Purchasing Decisions While Improving TCO

HPE Multi Vendor offering provides shorter lead times to best available HPE 12 Gb Value SAS SSD supply.

Preferable pricing on HPE qualified Value SAS SSDs and extended SKU lifecycles simplifies the procurement process.

Assurance that the HPE Value SAS Solid State Drives selected delivers the minimum performance published or better.

1 The specified performance capabilities of enterprise SATA and Value SAS SSDs per HPE published SSD QuickSpecs October 2020 comparing the single highest performance specification of any capacity or SKU offering (random mixed performance = 4K Random 70% Read / 30% Write Queue 32 IOPS performance). https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/getdocument.aspx?docname=a00001288enw

2 From the Principled Technologies® Report entitled, “Make business decisions faster with value SAS and data center NVMe™ SSDs from Toshiba Memory,” and available at: https://www.principledtechnologies.com/KIOXIA/RM5-Series-value-SAS-and-CD5-NVMe-mainstream-vs-SATA-decision-support-1019-v2.pdf June 2019

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