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High Performance File Sharing for Clustered Linux Systems

With the HPE Clustered Extents File System no network mounts or file copying is involved. Multiple servers can have direct access to the same file at the same time at near local speeds.

Streamlined metadata management is designed for performance with sophisticated algorithms and structures for fast buffering and lookups.

Dedicated metadata servers can be utilized for increased performance.

Highly Scalable for Capacity or Bandwidth

The HPE Clustered Extents File System as a 64-bit file system, is able to handle individual files up to 9 Exabytes, and as an overall file system with sizes up to 18 Exabytes.

Increases bandwidth by adding additional network connections for increased flexibility and increases storage capacity by seamlessly adding additional drives.

Dynamic allocation algorithms allow thousands of files to be stored with reduced disk resources.

Disk volumes can be allocated across thousands of disks to allow for future storage needs.

High Availability

The HPE Clustered Extents File System detects and automatically recovers from a single system failure, including metadata server failure, as well as a network failure.

HPE Clustered Extents File System is a journaling file system, which logs changes not yet committed to the file system, provides for file system consistency and for rapid recovery in the event of an improper system shutdown.

Multiple backup metadata servers can be designated for failover on detection of a metadata server failure.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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