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  • Self-healing capability allows for the system to monitor node health and automatically initiate a swap of an ailing server.
  • Scan all available paths for identical LUNs on a node and automatically create a native multipath LUN on that node without any additional configuration steps.
  • Support paths from MULTIPLE nodes to a single LUN as a single global device.
  • Simplify administration with enhanced configuration by accessing user-configurable settings from a single page with enhanced configuration guidance.

Key Features

Cost-effective Hardware

HPE Scalable Compute Software is built upon cost-effective Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers already
approved by your IT team to accelerate deployment and reduce TCO.

Expand your infrastructure when your business grows by adding an additional server to increase CPU and memory without having to replace your existing server.

Simplify deployment on commodity servers with standard Ethernet networks for all communication without requiring specialized networking or interconnection technology.

Maintain flexibility by avoiding long-term commitments on high-cost hardware choices.

Scale-up Simplicity

HPE Scalable Compute Software enhances performance and modernizes your system without requiring complex distributed software development or data partitioning.

Use real-time machine learning to customize CPU and memory placement for increased performance.

Create software-defined servers in minutes via an intuitive, browser-based GUI.


HPE Scalable Compute Software can deploy capacity on-demand, so your system is always ‘right-sized’ for your data.

With no licenses required to start with a single physical server, purchase only the software licenses you need when you need them and expand later when you add more servers.

Reduce Downtime

With easy hot-swapping, HPE Scalable Compute Software allows for the replacement of active servers without impact to the application.

Active server health monitoring can take systems offline for upgrades and security patches without impact or modification to the operating system or application stack.

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