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  • Private Capacity-Based Subscriptions, enabling organizations to easily acquire additional capacity, thus deploying any desired number of CTERA Edge Filers.
  • CTERA Ransom Protect is a state-of-the-art AI ransomware protection mechanism that identifies and halts ransomware attacks in real time.
  • CTERA Vault provides Write Once Read Many (WORM) protection allowing data to be written to a storage system once, preventing modification and/or deletion required for regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Allows complete integration with HPE Alletra dHCI and HPE SimpliVity, unlocking new file use cases for hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Built-in migration that enables automated data discovery and import from NAS systems such as NetApp and Dell EMC, with full perseveration of folder structure and permissions for code.
  • Updated configuration guide to understand the supported hardware components for an HPE Complete approved CTERA Edge Filer solution.

Key Features

Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO) Modernization | File Server Replacement

Powerful cloud-enabled edge filers that replace traditional NAS and file servers at remote locations and enable distributed enterprises to tier data to low-cost cloud and object storage.

A complete suite of enterprise file services from edge to cloud, including file storage and collaboration, backup and disaster recovery, and advanced cloud caching.

Multi-site file sharing and collaboration across a global namespace allows for traditional ROBO IT storage silos of data to be eliminated.

Dramatic ROBO infrastructure consolidation and increased ease of management and savings.

Built-in cloud failover, allowing IT admins to easily overcome hardware failures and drive user productivity.

Hyperconverged File Services

CTERA and HPE bring the benefits of cloud data management to hyperconverged environments, simplifying edge computing and global file services for distributed enterprises.

The CTERA Enterprise File Service for HPE SimpliVity delivers a fast, secure, and efficient hyperconverged based solution to consolidate a wide range of edge IT infrastructure and to power enterprise file services from edge to cloud.

CTERA File for HPE Alletra dHCI powers core/data center file use cases, including NAS replacement/modernization; edge data processing; and data protection.

Together, CTERA and HPE HCI solutions provide an end-to-end edge storage and compute platform for running virtualized local workloads while enabling dramatic improvements for file access from edge to cloud.

CTERA and HPE HCI solutions dramatically reduce costs through infrastructure consolidation and hyperscale cloud object storage.

Remote Workforce Collaboration and File Sharing

CTERA and HPE extend your corporate file system to users working anyplace and empowers them to be highly productive through familiar SMB/CIFS protocols.

Maintain your existing security model. Keep your firewall and protect data moving from edge to cloud.

CTERA’s edge filers and endpoint software clients, mobile apps, and web browsers connect any number of remote sites and users to a global file system powered by your existing storage infrastructure.

Ensure distributed users stay connected through CTERA's highly optimized data transfer protocol.

Help users overcome the last stage of connectivity, reducing WAN traffic to make work from home users feel like they were in the office.

Cyber Resiliency, Ransomware Protection, and Compliance

CTERA Ransom Protect, a state-of-the-art AI ransomware protection mechanism, identifies and halts ransomware attacks in real time. Furthermore, organizations can have the ability to instantly recover the locked data from immutable snapshots if a ransomware attack occurs.

CTERA Vault provides WORM protection that lets data be written to a storage system once, preventing modifications and/or deletions required for regulatory and compliance needs.

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