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What's New

  • Updated Komprise cold data management solutions delivered directly from Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • One data management platform for all your NAS and Object data
  • Komprise introduces Deep Analytics Actions, a systematic way to find and move specific data

Key Features

Dynamic Data Analytics

Komprise analyzes data across your storage ecosystem to forecast savings and get more value from your unstructured data with HPE.

Project savings based on moving cold data from expensive storage and backups.

Transparently Move Data

Komprise has policy based Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT) that archives cold data to HPE scale out storage.

Users can transparently access archived data from the original Network Attached Storage (NAS).

It allows access to data from HPE storage and cloud with zero lock-in.

Elastic Data Migration

Komprise provides analytics across heterogeneous NAS environments to understand what data to migrate to HPE storage offerings.

Komprise’s patented architecture scales according to the parallelism of your data to maximize performance.

Migrate more than 27x faster versus generic tools.

Deep Analytics Actions

Komprise provides a Global File Index that is a searchable index of all data across the environment.

Users can create queries on countless file attributes and tags.

Helps eliminate the manual effort of data movement and finds data based on custom queries and mobilize it to HPE storage offerings.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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