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HPE Apollo n2610 Gen10 Plus Small Form Factor Configure‑to‑order Chassis



HPE ProLiant XL225n Gen10 Plus 1U Node Configure‑to‑order Server

HPE ProLiant XL225n Gen10 Plus 1U Node Configure-to-order Server supports the full stack of 2nd generation AMD® EPYC™ 7000 Series processors.



What's New

  • Flexible infrastructure offers multiple storage options, eight memory channels, and 3200 MT/s memory, PCIe Gen4, and OS boot with optional dual NVMe M.2 storage on dedicated riser.
  • Support for 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors up to 40C and 270W in the HPE ProLiant XL220n and XL290n Gen10 Plus server.
  • Support for the full stack of 2nd and 3rd Generation AMD EPYC™ 7000 Series processors which include the 7Fx2 models and 7003 processors with 3D V-Cache, codenamed "Milan-X."
  • Comprehensive manageability including an extensive set of tools for node-to-rack management.
  • Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) option fully integrated, installed, and supported. Plug-n-Play ready to facilitate connection. Unlocks top bin SKUs with increased data center efficiency and power density.
  • The HPE Apollo n2800 Gen10 Plus Chassis, a 24 SFF SAS zoning chassis that allows for allocating of storage devices to specific nodes.

Key Features

System Performance and Improved Efficiency

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus System delivers four times more1 density than 1U servers - four 1U servers in a 2U chassis.

Expanded power capability with 3000W power supplies that deliver N+N power availability.

High-speed infrastructure built on modern industry standard components provides high performance to accelerate application.

Unlock top-bin SKUs and increase your power density with a DLC system that is plug and play at your data center. The system comes pre-filled and ready to connect to facility water. DLC is fully integrated, installed and supported. Choose from either CPU only or CPU/memory cooling options.

The optional dual M.2 storage can be used for OS boot without utilizing a PCIe slot or storage bay. When paired with the HPE Apollo n2400 Gen10 Plus diskless chassis, this is an effective compute solution.

Comprehensive Server Security and Management

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus offers industry standard server with firmware anchored into silicon with HPE iLO 5 and Silicon Root of Trust. The AMD Secure Processor, a dedicated security processor embedded in the AMD EPYC system on a chip (SoC), ties into the Silicon Root of Trust.

Secure recovery restores firmware to last known good state if code is compromised to limit system disruption.

Firmware runtime validation provides a daily firmware check and alert of compromised code so that issues are contained rather than impacting the system.

HPE Performance Cluster Manager is a fully integrated system management software offering administrators every functionality they need to manage their clusters.

Shared infrastructure enables more efficient system management.

Flexible Scale-Out Building Blocks

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus System allows you to scale to many servers for expanding capacity to meet evolving needs.

Provides storage and I/O flexibility to help customize for performance or economy to get to the right compute for the right workload.

Multiple storage chassis options from 0 to 24 SFF SAS/SATA drives and support for NVMe drives. A unique 24 SFF SAS zoning chassis (n2800) that allows allocations of drives to specific nodes.

Right Compute and Storage for Every Workload

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus Server nodes support up to 16 DIMMS per server, multiple networking options including high-speed fabrics, and two PCIe Gen4 slots.

The HPE Apollo n2400 Chassis is a drive-less option that brings efficiency. It is ideal for supporting top bin processors for those applications which don't require storage. It supports five single rotor fans, has an integrated RCM2 option, and supports up to two power supplies.

The HPE Apollo n2600 Chassis offers multiple backplane options including 0 and 8 SFF SAS/SATA/NVMe for a variety of HPC applications and 24 SFF SAS/SATA drives. Each chassis supports 5 single rotor fans, has an integrated RCM2 option and supports up to two power supplies.

The HPE Apollo n2800 Chassis offers the ability to flexibly allocate the 24 SFF SAS drive among the different nodes. Each chassis supports 5 single rotor fans, has an integrated RCM2 option and supports up to two power supplies.

1 2U HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus System chassis can accommodate up to 4 nodes per 2U versus 1 node in 2U with traditional rack mount servers. It can also support up to 2x2U nodes (XL290n) or a mixture of 1x 2U node (XL290) with 2x 1U nodes (XL220n).

2 Rack Consolidation Module - optional module that allows HPE iLO aggregation at the chassis level and also has the port for the HPE Advanced Power Manager. The RCM consists of two HPE iLO ports for redundancy. It can also be daisy chained to connect to a top of the rack (TOR) management switches.

AMD and EPYC are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries. All third-party marks are property of their respective owners.

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